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Celebrating Life With Locals

By on February 9, 2014

Gain Perspective and Travel Like You Mean It

Meeting locals and celebrating life in Europe is something I try to actively do while on holiday. Europe is full of everyday people like you and me, not just people who work in the tourism industry. Locals are the key to unique and memorable experiences while abroad. Take time to wander the streets, slow down and become part of the party. Perspective is one of the best gifts we can gain from traveling the world. All over the Continent, you will find many opportunities to make unique and memorable experiences with people of all sorts. It only takes a moment to make a new friend anywhere in the world.

Top 5 Ways to Interact with Locals

  • Strike up a conversation by asking a local for directions or a restaurant recommendation 
  • Go to the local cafe, restaurant or bar. Avoid chain restaurants or places that advertise “We speak English”
  • During a festival, celebration, protest or gathering have a local explain to you what’s going on
  • Engage local shopkeepers in conversation about the local products
  • Be flexible, open and observant to the people around you and local customs

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