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CLEAR Membership The New Way to Beat Airport Lines

By on February 21, 2018


Have you noticed how the TSA PreCheck lines are getting longer and longer as more people enroll in the program? Well, the greatest thing to come along since TSA PreCheck is called CLEAR. It is a paid membership service that uses bio metric data to confirm your identity and expedite your wait time for airport security. Basically, you get front of the line access for TSA Pre or other lines instead of having to wait in line to show your driver’s license and boarding pass to a TSA agent. You simply walk up to one of their kiosks to scan your fingerprints (or eyeball or face for facial recognition) and boarding boarding pass. The fun doesn’t stop there, and this is where the magic of CLEAR really starts. A CLEAR guest agent then escorts you to the front of whichever security line you belong in, TSA PreCheck or other. Before you know it, you are putting down your carry on for screening and walking thru the metal detector.

In my experience, there is typically not a line (or notably less people vs getting directly into the TSA PreCheck line) with CLEAR as there is always more than one kiosk. I’ve used the service now for a couple of months at my home airport (LAX), and others nationwide, and I can attest that it cuts down your wait time significantly. You no longer have to stand in line (for identity verification) just to stand in yet another line. While the service is only available in 30 US Airports the yearly membership fee might bail you out in a jam. The New York Times reported that 15 million people have TSA PreCheck compared to the 1 million enrolled in CLEAR. It doesn’t replace TSA PreCheck or allow you to bypass any security screening, but it does give you that expedited VIP front-of-the-line access with a touch of nice customer service that makes the airport experience a little bit easier.

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