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Eating in Amsterdam

By on October 26, 2012

Amsterdam is a top European destination due to its stunning 17th century architecture, world class museums and laid back liberal lifestyle. But this former capital of an Empire has a lot more to offer than the usual guidebook to-do’s. Amsterdam has a variety of interesting and unique food that is quintessentially Dutch.

So take a break from learning about Ann Frank, Rembrandt, and riding your bike. Go local when it comes to your next snack or meal and eat your way through Amsterdam.

1. Herring: Served in a variety of ways but the most traditional is raw with some onions and lemon. Hold it by the tale, throw your head back and down the hatch. The taste is hard to describe but it’s certainly fishy. Do this if you want to go local or gross your friends out.

2. Febo: Ever wonder where automats from the 1930’s went to die? It’s in Amsterdam. These coin operated machines (usually €1) are filled with mostly croquets, burgers and a variety of fried mystery meats. If you fancy a local fried delicacy, pop in your € coin, open the sliding plastic door and presto! Remember, a heart attack is only a € coin away!

3. Rijsttafel: Indonesia was a Dutch colony from 1602-1945. Therefore, Indonesian food was bound to make its way back to the capital of Amsterdam. So, like London curry joints, a Rijsttafel experience in Amsterdam is a must do. My landlord Frederic (Yes, the guy who hung out with Anthony Bourdain, recommended a really nice one. You basically get rice and lots of other appetizer portions of various meats stewed in coconut, curry, lemon grass, fruit compote, peanut, chili, hot pepper, and other surprises. It literally translates to “rice table”. Some dishes are very spicy so prepare to sweat. Rijsttafel restaurants are not cheap so I like to save this for a splurge meal or when I’m tired of herring & febo snacks.

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    October 6, 2012

    Looking forward to updates, I have a feeling I’m gonna love this site. (No, this isn’t a test of the commenting system, why would you ask?)

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