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Best Travel Apps: Mobile Passport

By on November 7, 2017

I’ve been talking about the importance of travel tech for a long time now and Mobile Passport is one of my favorite apps to use because I do not have Global Entry (Yes, I have TSA Pre-Check). I’ve been chomping at the bit for the Mobile Passport App to include LAX Airport. The app works in 24 airports nationwide (1 Cruise Port) and they finally added my home airport in June. I anxiously set up my profile in London while at Heathrow (I got a new Passport for this trip – ran out of pages) but then realized once the CBP receipt is issued it expires in 4 hours. So I waited until I landed at LAX to answer the CBP questions (the same questions that are on the blue CBP form). Once I disembarked, I made headed directly to the line that said “Mobile Passport App”, which had zero people in it. The agent scanned my phone and stamped my passport and I was done. No machines, no lines! After I picked up my luggage, exiting the airport was super easy. I was able to get into the Global Entry Line instead of the regular exit line where the CBP agent collects your blue form. The Global Entry line is the only one that has the phone scanner in it. So again, I bypassed a huge line, walked right up, scanned my phone and exited the airport. I’m still stunned that I was able to get thru customs at LAX in :25 seconds

For those worried about digital security and identity theft, once a profile with passport information has been set up, there is a security code (and thumbprint verification) you can set up to protect your personal and sensitive information.

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    Valerie Jensen

    February 25, 2018

    Had the pleasure of attending your talk this afternoon on traveling smart with technology – best class at the event! A lot of very useful information….

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      March 4, 2018

      Thanks so much Valerie!

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