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Packing Light: Clothing List for Men

By on November 2, 2012

It often surprises me how many people are burdened and perplexed when it comes to packing. Packing should be easy. I believe that packing light is a blessing, not a curse. I’m a minimalist and I’ve been packing the same way for years. Heavy luggage, excess airline fees and the stress of over-packing can put a serious strain on any holiday. Packing light does not mean traveling unprepared. It also doesn’t mean dressing inappropriately, looking untidy, wrinkled or like I’m going camping in Yosemite while I’m having lunch in the Marais. Remember, your hotel in Jakarta will not call ahead to Bali and say, “He will be wearing a blue North Face shirt”. My philosophy allows me to stay focused on my travel dreams and avoid over-packing. Below you will find a detailed list of my clothing during a typical holiday.

This is my wardrobe whether I’m away for 2 weeks or 2 months. The secret to packing light like this is to prepare a flexible closet with a basic color scheme, pack quick drying socks & underwear that can be washed in the sink, and don’t be afraid to have your laundry done while your on the road. (It’s likely cheaper than you think and super convenient) Naturally, this list does vary slightly if I’m traveling to tropical or equatorial or very very cold climates. 

  • 3 Pairs of Socks
  • 3 Underwear (Light, Quickdrying “Travel Underwear”)
  • 3 T-Shirts (Light, Quickdrying)
  • 1 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 3 Oxford Shirts (Wrinkle Resistant)
  • 1 Polo Shirt
  • 2 Trousers (1 black slacks, 1 grey/dark trousers)
  • 1 Fleece (Optional)
  • 1 Soft-Shell Jacket (Optional)


What I wear on the plane (Most of the time…)

  • Dark Jeans with a simple wash/finish
  • Crisp Oxford Shirt (White is timeless, classy and goes with everything)
  • Grey or Dark V-Neck sweater for layering and chilly airplane temperatures
  • Navy or Black Blazer. It says this isn’t my first flight and I mean business.
  • Black leather shoes
  • Black leather belt
For a more detailed packing list, please click here


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    Ces Bishop

    November 6, 2012

    Attended your seminar Saturday at Landmark Luggage in Mequon, WI and found it very interesting and informative.

    Since you have a packing list for men, you should also have one for women since they attend your seminars as well. I suspect your fiancee could put one together.

    Say hi to Pasadena for me…I’ll be watching the parade and looking for the La Canada float!

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      November 6, 2012

      Mrs Bishop-
      Thanks again for coming to the event.
      Please look for the Woman’s packing list very very shortly. It’s in the works,
      so please check back again.

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    Gary Barnbaum

    May 24, 2014

    In your packing list you have quick drying underwear. According to ‘snarkynomad’ none are any good. What do you recommend?
    Thank you.
    Note: We saw you at Savinar last year. Thanks for the advice.

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    June 3, 2014

    I think there are a lot that are not just good, but great. They make travel so much easier and reduce the bulk of your underwear. Lightweight, quick drying and comfortable that is the key. I’ve been traveling with them for years.

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