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Must Have Money & Time Saving Sightseeing Passes for Europe

By on November 28, 2012

Americans have among the shortest holidays in the western world. For most people, time is money when we are on the road. A good way to maximize time (and save money) is to invest in handy city or regional sightseeing passes.These passes often allow the holder to skip the que since the pass is a valid admission ticket. In some places, there are even designated entrances for pass holders. Smart travelers can invest in these passes to have the city by the tail, stay flexible and save money while in Europe. So, skip the que and have time to wander throughout the city stress free.  

  • Roma Pass: This handy pass is valid for free entry into 2 state-run museums or archaeological sights. It includes 2 days free use of the city’s public transport (Bus & Metro). Allows pass holders to enter the Coliseum through a reserved turnstile (a huge time-saver). The Combo Colisseum ticket counts as 1 sight and includes the Coliseum, The Palatine & Roman Forum (Price €12). Price of Pass: €30. Available at the airport, Termini train station and several subway ticket offices including the Spagna stop near the Spanish Steps.
  • Paris Museum Pass: The ultimate pass for Paris sightseeing. Free entry without queuing to 60 museums and monuments in the Paris region. This pass saves time and allows travelers to wander and experience Paris stress-free. Visiting the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, Versaille & Saint Chappelle will save you a total of €6.50 off admission prices with a 2 day pass and loads of time by not waiting in time. Price: 2 days €39, 4 day €54, 6 days €69. Caveat: Some sights like the Notre Dame Towers do not have the que skip option and queuing is obligatory. Available online (free delivery to your hotel in Paris), at the airport, or at several locations within Pars. I usually pick mine up at the Conciergerie.
  • London Pass Free entry into 60 top London attractions & tours. Price: 1 day £46, 2 day adult pass £61. Visiting Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey & Windsor Castle you save a total of £6 off adult admission prices with a 2 day pass. Pass also includes The Thames River Cruise boats. Caveat: You have to be very busy sightseeing to make the 1 day pass worth it. Stick with the 2 or 3 day passes if you plan on covering 4 or more sights. Where to buy: Available online, Heathrow Airport of several major train stations in London.

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