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By on November 13, 2012

Website of the Week

Routehappy – An in depth search engine for flights. Their “happiness” factor gives each flight in your search a rating and then it lists several different happiness factors (WiFi, AVOD, In-flight Power, Roomier Seats). Helps travelers make educated decisions before they buy a flight. A great tool for the discerning or experienced traveler. 

Blog of the Week

Hip Paris Blog – Even though I visit Paris every year, I still miss it occasionally. To reminisce or catch up on the latest trends, Hip Paris is my blog of choice. It’s witty, smart, chic and always interesting. Full of great advice by people who live in Paris

App of the Week

Glass Jar – A great financial tool & planning app that helps you forecast your finances. The easy to use UI and sophisticated design, helps travelers forecast how their current holiday expenditures will affect them in the future. For example, if you see a sale on BA today, plug it into the app and see how your finances pan out in the long run. Keeping track of finances is never really fun, but this app makes the experience easy.


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