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My Favorite Pubs in Dublin

By on March 16, 2018

Most people fly into Dublin when traveling to Ireland. Say what you want, but I think Dublin is great first bite of big city Irish life and culture. No visit to Dublin is complete without experiencing a classic Irish pub. It’s a great place to meet locals, grab a pint of Guiness and get some food. The Pubs of Dublin are perfect for practicing the art of conversation and prepping to explore the rest of Ireland. While I don’t advocate spending all of your time in Dublin, you have to make the most of it! I’ve been lucky enough to visit these pubs my whole adult life. They are my favorite for a variety of reasons and have some of the best memories spending many hours drinking, laughing and enjoying life in these pubs. This curated list of pubs are located in the  walkable heart of Dublin. I suggest you bookmark them in your favorite mapping app and enjoy an evening in Dublin.


2 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, D02KX03, Ireland

In Dublin, this is my home away from home. They have an amazing carvery for dinner and I like to head here on my 1st night in Dublin. It’s also my favorite place for St Patrick’s Day in Dublin. There is plenty of seating in this cramped labyrinth style pub that has been in existence for 300 years. They often have music and dancing upstairs. No matter how lively it gets, there is always a little corner you can tuck into after you’ve been poured a pint from one of the many bars.

The Duke

9 Duke St, Dublin 2, D02 NR76, Ireland

For me, this place has the best Guinness stew in Dublin.  As a student traveler, I would often come here for their cheap and tasty food menu, but have since fallen in love with the simplicity of this place. They also pour a smooth pint. They are located just of the main shopping drag, Grafton St. Even though it’s a Regency Era pub, most people know it as the start of the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. Avoid this place around the starting time of the pub crawl so you don’t have to deal with a bunch of lost Americans wandering around.

Davy Byrnes

21 Duke St, Dublin, Ireland

This is one of the most visited pubs in Dublin by history nerds like me and James Joyce fans. If you want to be part of literary and Dublin history, have a pint here. It’s located across the street from The Duke.


9 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Kehoe’s is pretty unpretentious, and even thought it’s close to Grafton Street, has more of a local crowd. It’s possibly because Kehoe’s pours one of the best pints in Dublin. This place oozes character with it’s dark mahogany, alcoves and snugs, for enjoying the pint of the black stuff or having an intimate conversation. I’ve never regretted having a pint at Kehoe’s and somehow feel a little bit more like a local once inside.

Oliver St John Gogarty

18-21 Anglesea St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

Located in the heart of Temple Bar, this raucous pub is not for quiet intimate conversations or those who have sensitive ears. Oliver St John Gogarty also offers rooms and accommodations, making it convenient for those who want to party in the lively Temple Bar quarter. Believe me, it always seems to be St Patrick’s Day in this Pub. Music is played nightly.



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