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Travel Well, Travel Often

By on October 26, 2012

Paris, FranceI travel because it makes me happy. I find travel to be be inspiring, fulfilling and relaxing. The sense of adventure and the unknown darkness that comes with making new discoveries on the road is why I travel so frequently. From an early age, my parents taught me there was much more to the world than my own perspective and desires. Through travel, I quickly learned that I was simply a speck of dust on this great Blue Planet that is full of wonderful people, places and things. I like to inspire people to follow their dreams with passion. Travel can be the answer to your dreams whether it’s sitting on a white sand beach, starring at Monet for hours, or trekking across terraced rice paddies. The world can truly be your oyster through a voyage of discovery. Even the quickest of sojourns can bring just a little spring back in our step. Don’t sweat the small stuff either. Airlines, airport rules, and packing are just some of the small potatoes in the grand scheme of a trip. Travel should not be stressful. Travel at its core should be simple. Therefore, when we do take to the open road, let us travel well and often. Cheers!

-Angel Castellanos, Travel Ambassador

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    September 28, 2013

    i was wondering if you could recommend how to get to Nemi,Italy from Rome. I would prefer not to drive. We are just wanting to see Caligula ships and the strawberry festival
    Thank you
    Amber Rish

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      October 1, 2013

      That sounds pretty interesting. I would take the Contral Bus directly from Rome since it’s tech. You can check out their website
      You can usually buy a ticket at the bus station or directly on board (usually depends on the bus company). Ask your hotel for help once you are in Rome. Hope that helps!

      Travel Well, Travel Often
      The Travel Ambassador

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